The New Urban Guild has hosted or promoted a number of really cool initiatives. Here are details on some of them:

   Members of the Guild designed all of the first Katrina Cottages, and continue to support the movement in many ways. Guild architect Bruce Tolar, for example, has built Cottage Square in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, which is the largest collection of Katrina Cottages anywhere. The Guild Foundation published Emergency House Plans, which was the first book of Katrina Cottages. At least one individual Guild member has published Katrina Cottage plans: Steve Mouzon’s Katrina Cottages Collection. As others are published, they will be posted here.

   The Guild Foundation, which is a non-profit corporation affiliated with and partially supported by the Guild, has hosted the Original Green initiative for several years. The Original Green is common-sense, plain-spoken sustainability based on the only sustainability delivery vehicle to be proven for centuries.

   Project:SmartDwelling, which is described on this site, is an initiative to re-make the American home in a highly sustainable way for each region of the country. It’s a powerful antidote to the McMansion Disease.

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